Step 1: Take 2 Bowls of Quaker Oats everyday
Step 2: Exercise for 30-45 minutes daily
Step 3: Fun Time- Make time to do what you love!
Rekha Yadav | Housewife, Gurgaon I took part in the Quaker Smart Heart Challenge and my Cholesterol level has gone down by 55 points! Quaker Oats also helped me in reducing weight.
Sandeep Sokhanda | Marketing professional, Gurgaon I wasn't too keen on joining the program until my wife convinced me to join Quaker Smart Heart Challenge. Mera isse cholesterol kaafi kam ho gaya. Mein aur meri family Quaker oats ab har roj khaate hai aur auron ko bhi salah dete hai.
Vandana Chopra | Housewife, Gurgaon My husband’s cholesterol was not going down for the last 5-6 years and then I got to know about Quaker Smart Heart Challenge. In just one month, his cholesterol has gone down by 38 points. I am very happy.
Rudrabhupal PB. I was shocked when I got to know that I have high cholesterol. I used to lead a busy, stressed and sedentary lifestyle with no time for exercise or fun. But with Quaker Smart Heart Challenge, I adopted a heart healthy lifestyle. It was simple… with just 3 simple steps like, including 2 bowls of Quaker Oats, 30-40 mins of exercise and some relaxed and fun time with my friends, I could reduce my cholesterol levels. Now, it is back to normal. I plan to continue with this heart healthy lifestyle for a lifetime!
Mr. Sridhar | Gurgaon My wife was very worried about my health – with, my stressed lifestyle and no time for family. She was the one who coaxed me into joining the Quaker Smart Heart Challenge Program when she came to know I had high cholesterol. The program has helped me get back to my normal cholesterol levels in just a month’s time. The quality time I spent with my family and regular exercise that I adopted has improved my overall health and happiness. All this by just adding 2 bowls of Quaker Oats, doing 30-40 min exercise and spending more time with family. We are very happy with this positive change in our life.
Vyjayanthi Sridhar | Gurgaon "I have been having high cholesterol levels for a very long time. With Quaker Smart Heart Challenge, reducing my cholesterol levels has been easy! In just one month, I reduced my cholesterol levels by adopting a heart healthy lifestyle, having 2 bowls of Quaker oats every day and half an hour walk and some fun time helped me relax. I now feel more healthy, more energetic and overall recharged."
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